The internship semester and corresponding module – preparation and accompanying seminar to the internship semester – comprise the key study component from a technical didactic perspective in the Master of Education program of the vocational disciplines that can be studied at the Faculty for Civil Engineering at RWTH Aachen. „The aim of the internship semester is to combine theory and practice from a professional perspective within the scope of a university master’s program and to prepare the students for the scientifically and vocationally related practical requirements of the school and teacher training. The university is responsible for implementation of the internship semester […]. It is implemented in cooperation with the centers for teacher training – ZfsL – and the schools“ (MSW 2010).

Fundamental aspects are regulated in the corresponding conceptual framework of the Ministry of Education and Training in North Rhine-Westphalia. Additional basic organizational regulations and specific information on the structure and interdisciplinary concept can be found on the pages of the teacher training center of RWTH Aachen.

In addition, there is a specific concept for the respective preparation and accompanying seminars for the major vocational discipline of structural engineering and the corresponding minor vocational disciplines.