Vocational College Teacher! (BeLEK) – Cooperative support of teacher training for vocational colleges in Rhineland educational region at RWTH Aachen University in association with selected technical universities

Funding: Ministry for Innovation, Science and Research of North Rhine-Westphalia; Term: 2013–2017; Amount: 2,500,000 Euro

In North Rhine-Westphalia, there is an urgent need for teaching personnel for vocational colleges, especially in the industrial/technical area. Due to the low demand for these fields of study, only relatively few students are trained at the universities of North Rhine-Westphalia. Added to this is the fact that bachelor students at technical universities usually do not see teaching at a vocational school as a career option.

In order to meet the future demand for teaching personnel, measures are needed to improve the recognition structures, acquire new interest groups and ensure the necessary competencies for the fields of action of vocational schools systematically and sustainably. The aim of RWTH Aachen University together with technical universities in the Rhineland educational region is to train more teachers in industrial/technical disciplines for the vocational school, ensure the necessary technical didactic and professional pedagogical competencies for a skilled occupation in this field of action by establishing collaborative training structures and guaranteeing polyvalency for them at the same time. In addition, training modules in the area of vocational education for the second and third phase of the teacher training are to be developed, which aim for a differentiation of the competency building initiated in the first phase.

To this end, the Faculty for Civil Engineering of RWTH Aachen University cooperates with the Department of Civil Engineering of FH Aachen so that interested FH students can participate in a combined study program of the major vocational discipline of structural engineering together with the minor vocational disciplines of wood technology or civil engineering. A cooperation with TH Kln is currently being planned.